Somaliland: Defence Minister Castigates Lacklustre Health Services in Sanaang Region


After wounded Army officer bleeds profusely at scene of shooting in Erigavo while waiting a non-existent ambulance leading to death
Erigavo Hospital the Somaliland on transit to the grave facility

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The ministry of defence has termed the death of the Sanaang region red berets battalion base commander as not only unfortunate but one caused by carelessness.
The late Colonel Saeed Abdi Warsame died after an army officer under his command shot him twice at café in Erigavo town Sanaag region.
The minister of defence Ahmed Haji Ali Adami who confirmed the death of Col Saeed revealed that the perpetrator was a disgruntled junior officer whose grievances leading to the fatal shooting related to a custodial sentence imposed upon him for misconduct.
While stating that the ministry of defence is investigating the fateful saga and that stern action shall be taken against the culprit minister Adami also revealed that increasing cases of army officers death inflicted within the ranks is also under investigation.
At the same time and upon acknowledging that the death of Col Saeed was as a direct result of bullet shots minister Adami queried medical services in the country’s eastern most region that he termed as lacklustre.
AdamiRevealing that Col Saeed bled profusely for a long time while waiting for a non-existent ambulance the defence minister added that upon being taken to the Erigavo regional hospital the army officer lay bled to death as there were no emergency personnel.
“Apart from the long time it took civilians to take the dying army officer to hospital, upon arrival there were no emergency personnel at hand and when one was found skills to stop bleeding were missing “said minister Adami.
Castigating the ministry of health for the operational status at the Sanaag regional hospital in Erigavo the defence minister who was perplexed by medical services events related to the saga of wounded Col Saeed, queried the strategies behind the lack of a single ambulance in entire region of Somaliland not to mention at hand emergency medical personnel with first aid training.
On several occasions Somalilandsun has reported on the deplorable situation prevalent at the Sanaag region hospital dubbed “Erigavo Hospital the Somaliland on transit to the grave facility”
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