Somaliland: Defections or Enticements to Puntland


The two Las Anod Councillors who absconded to Puntland

By: Yusuf M Hasan

LAS ANOD (Somalilandsun) – Two members of the Las Anod local council have absconded duties bestowed on them by the electorate and decamped to Garowe for reasons yet divulged.

The two councilors Mukhtar Mahad Awed and Abdala Digale Ali are reported to have been given a high level reception upon their arrival in Garowe by senior Puntland officials among them Minister of Commerce Mohamed Hasan ‘Soh-Adde’ and his Fisheries counter part

While the former administration of the Somalia administrative region of Puntland under Ex-President Farole was notorious in the temptation of residents of Sool region especially those in Government service with money and government posts in his area even to the extent of poaching prisoners upon failure of availing any more disillusioned Khatumoists enticement, his predecessor Abdiweli Gaas has started high with these batch of civic elected officials.

Though the two absconding councilors were given a heroes welcome in Garowe given time just like their numerous predecessor shall return with tails behind their legs and claiming to have been brainwashed thus begging the Somaliland authorities to embrace them back into fold and as usual the Hargeisa based authorities who are either naïve or astute politically shall surely do as usual and embrace them plus appointing them to high posts than those pre-defections held.

During to the run-up to the Garowe presidential selection which saw Gaas dislodge former strongman from the presidency a Las Anod prison guard broke free a con artist prisoner and rushed to Garowe where the two one guard and one imprisoned for conning Sool citizens were given a heroes and now senior officials within Garowe administration departments.

We hope Hargeisa will stop accepting these rejects back after they lose political mileage value within unionist’s circles.

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