Somaliland: Danes and Germans Decamp Hargeisa


Somaliland interior minister Yassin Haji Mahmud Faraton

Somaliland sun- A number of expatriates from Denmark and Germany have been observed leaving the country within the last couple of days.
Reportedly the Danes and Germans who operate within the humanitarian and development sectors are leaving courtesy of a security alert issued by their respective governments though it is not yet clear what prompted the covert alert.
Queried by Geeska newspaper the interior minister Yassin Haji Mahmud Faraton acknowledged being acquiesced with the covert exodus while negating relevant information as pertains the move, “though the last three days have seen German and Danish expatriates leave the country we assume it is a normal movement owing to the fact that their station of work, offices, are still open and business going on normally” said the interior minister adding that the movement is presumed ordinary since no information has been exchanged with his office either by the foreign and planning ministries.
Further minister Faraton stressed the normalcy of the specific Europeans departure owing to the fact that his department is responsible for internal security and remains unaware of any changes in the apt prevalence of the same.
Queried on the whether communication has been exchanged with the two European countries or any other as pertains threats to their national’s security here in Somaliland the interior minister said none has been supplied while reiterating that security is at its best and no threats have been discerned to warrant such an alert if any exists.
Though Somaliland is home to a large contingent of foreign multinationals operating within humanitarian Development circles as well as the private sector who reside in various major cities of the country, the capital Hargeisa hosts the bulk.