Somaliland: Dahabshil Assets and Operations under Control


“We shall prosecute websites posting erroneous information about Dahabshil”-Saad M Abdi

Press Release

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Dahabshil money Transfer Company has assured clients of safety.

According to a press release from the company’s Advertisement Section

Public Relations & Media, the purported breeching by some hackers is a malicious lie with intend to smear Dahabshil good public image.

The head of the section Mr. Saad M Abdi who informed that this is not the first time for the company to be attacked in this fashion told customers that Dahabshil Assets and Operations are under Control, said he, “Our clients should continue to have full confidence in the company to provide its usually known quality banking and money transfer services”

Below are the verbatim excerpts from the head of Dahabshil, Advertisement Section

Public Relations & Media

“We are aware of some websites that are posting malicious and false Rumours pertaining to the breeching of Dahabshil internal operations by some anonymous hackers while this is not the first time for such Rumours to be spread about the money transfer company it will not also be the first time for Dahabshil to prefer charges against the said websites thus a warning to desist from spreading the Rumours or face the wrath of the law in which country the said websites are based.

Considering the operationally aptness of the company’s functions as well as secure client finance in all Dahabshil branches worldwide, the malicious Rumours can only be attributed to some self-seekers intend on creating mayhem to the central coffers of a number of Horn Africa which are serviced by Dahabshil. We wish to inform that the endeavours of the malicious rumormongers will not succeed either now or in the future.

To this effect:

1. We do hereby verify that the worldwide operations of Dahabshil are ongoing as usual

2. We also assure that the system utilized by Dahabshil is secure, has not been breached in anyway thus the continued safety of customer and company assets.

3. We inform all our clients (Worldwide) that the data posted in by some websites and purported to be Dahabshil is false and not the company’s.

4. We further inform the purported group of hackers that Dahabshil is pursuing legal avenues to see to it that they, Anonymous’ are arraigned in a court of law in any country viable.

Thank you

Saad M. Abdi

Head of Advertisement Section

Public Relations & Media

Dahabshil Operations center

Hargeisa, Somaliland