Somaliland: Dahabshiil Partners with One of the World’s Leading Security Software Corporations



Somalilandsun – Dahabshiil, the largest African money transfer company, has agreed a deal with one of the world’s leading providers of software security services. The agreement will see the American-based organisation provide a suite of services, including encryption, monitoring and security of all company devices, systems and data.

Precise details of the deal will not be released due to strict confidentiality agreements, but Dahabshiil is reported to be delighted with the technology provider, which was chosen after a highly competitive six-way tender that took a number of months to complete.

Dahabshiil CEO, Abdirashid Duale, said: “Dahabshiil places great importance on physical and virtual security which is why we have invested in the best software, device and data protection technology to ensure all of our customers and staff are fully protected.”

The introduction of this new system will provide Dahabshiil with advanced defence and security tools to mitigate and manage any virtual intrusions. This development is the latest in Dahabshiil’s continuous efforts to improve its business operations following allegations last year that its systems were breached by an activist group.

Duale said: “Dahabshiil would like to assure its customers, partners and staff that it places the highest importance on its security and compliance procedures. We have extensive cyber security, anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing policies and training programmes in place, which are approved by the relevant regulators, including the FSA in the UK. In the US our partner organisations are also regulated by state and federal authorities.”

When asked about recent rumours being spread by small Somali site, Sunatimes, run by Dahir Alasow – who is currently defending proceedings for perpetrating a series of defamatory attacks – the Dahabshiil CEO responded: “Dahabshiil denies any connection with illegal or extremist organisations and takes Sunatimes’ allegations extremely seriously. These allegations, which have included publishing fake company information and customer details, are part of one individual’s long-running attempts to blackmail Dahabshiil and tarnish the leading international reputation we have established over the last 40 years. As such Dahabshiil continues to cooperate with the relevant authorities and to pursue legal proceedings.”

A court date against Mr Alasow of Sunatimes was recently confirmed by a Dutch court for 27 May.

A spokesperson at Dahabshiil’s legal representatives, Bird & Bird, concluded: ‘Dahabshiil is keen to resolve this issue. We strongly believe Mr Alasow has conducted himself both irresponsibly and illegitimately. Following the initial trial in December, the judge observed Mr Alasow had ‘deliberately denied responsibility for a large number of publications, contrary to the truth’. As such, Dahabshiil’s senior management team are highly confident that the Dutch Court will rule in its favour after the hearing in late May.”