Somaliland: Dahabshiil is Epitome of Altruism


By: Abdirasaq Mohamoud Baynah

Somalilandsun – The outbreak of civil war in late eighties had of course precipitated a disaster for Somali people, among the people who were deeply affected fiscally were particularly city-dwellers having not own no livestock’s and and farms to fall back on, after they were caused to evacuate and leave their belongs behind.

Thereby many emigrated to other countries where they were able to re-build the ruins and mostly to support those left behind, however there were no formal banking system or other informal financial institution in place to transfer their money through . And so Mohamed Saeed Dualle (Dahabshiil) who had just re-established the company from scratch after its collapse from civil strife had came in handy as he facilitated that service for them just when they required it at most, as he conveniently opened offices in Ethiopia, followed by UK to reach out growing Somali communities in UK – enabling them to send money to their destitute and displaced family and friends. Immediately those displaced people in Somali galbeed benefited immensely. And thereafter they expanded it to throughout world in light to reach out other Somali communities whom now scattered all over the world, especially in other European countries, USA, Canada, etc.

Because of their credibility and reliability they soon pick up in popularity and opened hundreds of outlets all over the world; and still multiplying by the day with their ever-increasing customers and burgeoning markets.

So this major international lucrative firm not only has it availed Somali people at time of crisis, but it’s mainly known for their unique altruism and humanitarian ethics. And so the true traits of the company are ‘almsgiving and altruism’. As they invest and give back to society a good portion of their annual profits. Particularly funding abundantly in areas like infrastructure, health, education and so forth, for example in education they regularly make significant contribution towards innovation and expansion of universities across the country, as well as sponsoring scholarships.

Moreover they regularly donate millions to natural disasters and those caused by the conflicts. Ironically something that is not common with those who tend to vie with them.

This instilled altruism reminds to be the vital core of the company. And that’s what distinguishes Dahabshiil from other companies, and that’s why everyone hold the company in high esteem and speaks so well of its astute founder Mr Mohamed Saeed Dualle.

Its understood that this commendable virtue is what mostly attracts the vast majority of their myriad customers. Although this does not mean that Dahabshiil does not offer quality service, as matter of fact they offer and a meritorious services, nor does it suggests in any way that they are not profit oriented, i.e. inspired to profit from presented circumstance but what it mean is that they makes differences by giving back to society whereas their counterparts devoid from that ethic.

On the other hand not only do they altruistically donate millions and fun multitude projects across the country but they are also trustworthy and determine to fulfil their customers requirements

In addition, Dahabshiil has made Somali people proud as they surfaced their obscured qualities, and simultaneously restored their tarnished international image, because outsiders are only used to hear negative news about Somalis, however, Dahabshil is tangible evident to contrary – that there are also successful businesses besides the famine, pirates and the prolonged bitter conflicts.

Therefore Dahabshiil stands for the common weal of our society and therefore its imperative we recognise and appreciate it not only for their meritorious service but above all for their altruism ethics

“Whoever does not give thanks to the people does not give thanks to Allah” (a saheeh hadeeth narrated by Imaam Ahmad, 2/258)

All praise and thanks are due purely to Allah.

Abdirasaq Mohamoud Baynah