Somaliland: “Dabagubaw Sharkaa Ku Raac,” and “Wacdaraha Hinaasaha” Plays Performing at HCC


Somalilandsun – As per popular request, we will again show the perfomance of first play, “Wacdaraha Hinaasaha” , which could be translated into English as “The Wonders of Jealousy”. It deals with a young man who gets jealous of his pretty wife and who complains to his father about his intentions to divorce the wife. Farther tries to dissuade his son, but to no avail. The old man then resorts to another trick, by saying: that the behavior he has seen in his wife is just common to all women, including his mother.
The second and the new play, “Dabagubaw sharkaa ku raac,” is also a sort of a tragicomedy, in which two young people, Sahal and Indhodeeq love each other so deeply. But two evil friends of Sahal device a plan to destroy the the trust of the two lovers. They device a trap into which Sahal falls. The result is devastating for both Sahal and Indho-deeq. Their love ends tragically, as Indhdeeq’s heart is irreparirably broken, and Sahal laments for the loss of his beloved.

Event: Performance of a new Play
Title: Dabagubaw Sharkaa ku raac.
Directed by. Abdirahman Yusuf Artan
Perfomed by Hargeysa Cultural Center art students in collaboration with Hido Acadamy
Time: 18.30

Entry free
HCC Team