Somaliland: CSI Graduates 5th Batch


At a ceremony officiated by President Silanyo who conferred credentials to the 214 civil servants that graduated with bachelor degrees in various fields.

CSI graduation

By: Abdilahi Saeed Muhumed
HARGEISA- Civil servants in the country have been asked to undertake their duties with diligence in this provide the public with apt services.
The urging were made by president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo during a graduation ceremony at the Somaliland civil service institute-CSI in Hargeisa where 214 students graduated.
In his address to the graduation ceremony President Silanyo who informed that his administration has improved public service provision through secondment of qualified staff to various duty stations nationwide said,
“When I took over the civil service had 6959 employees and in the six years duration of my tenure the civil has 9,346 citizens in its payroll” adding that the new personnel infused into the service had been of skilled caliber courtesy of proper training.
While congratulating the graduates, parents, seconding government departments and CSI Management for making the three years study program a success the head of state also divulged that the institute is now fully owned and financed by the somaliland government.
“When the Kulmiye administration took over, the outgoing government of UDUB was contributing 19% of the CSI budget while the balance was covered by UNDP but currently 100% of the operational costs are paid by my administration” divulged President Silanyo while stressing that future plans are geared towards availing more training programs for the civil service.
The CSI now graduating its five batch has in its lifetime produced 3 ,487 civil service graduates who have completed public service related training through Short Courses, Diploma, Degree and Masters levels.
Government and political party officials at CSI graduation in Hargeisa For the state owned Dawna Media Group pride was abundant as two of its own were among those conferred bachelor degrees in public administration namely Editor in chief Omar Mohamed Farah and administration and finance officer Deeqa Ahmed Abdilahi.
Other speakers at the function include CSI director Guleid Omar Saeed, deputy civil service commission chairperson Hirsi Abdilahi Ismail, Social welfare and labour minister Omar Sheikh Mohamed Farah and opposition UCID party leader Eng Feisal Ali Warabe among others.