Somaliland: Crossing the Border at Lughaya Filipino Traveller Exposes Djiboutian Distaste of Somalilanders


Somalilandsun – “You will get kidnapped, raped, and then killed!!!” — those were the words the Djiboutian guy at the border told me as he looked me straight in the eye. I have to be honest, I got scared for a while, especially after A LOT of people warned me about the country. But I wanted to prove that they are wrong, so I tried to regain all the courage that’s left of me and told him  “Don’t worry about me. I can take care of myself!!”

This warning was given to Kach Medina Umandap- Howe from the Philippines and a to reckon with world traveller who has visited 94 countries latest and 95th being Somaliland.

She narrates her journey to Somaliland all the way from Comoros, getting a visa in Djibouti, tribulations at the Somaliland border with Djibouti, her subsequent amazement at experiences in Somaliland in her piece titled CROSSING THE BORDER TO SOMALILAND: THE DANGER, THE PROCESS AND USEFUL TIPS