Somaliland: Covid-19 Public Awareness Messages Resurface, Countrywide Unexpectedly

Somaliland Covid-19

Somalilandsun: While the Covid-19 Pandemic is and has been the main topic globally for a year in Somaliland , life goes on unconcerned and curiously cases of Corona virus infection, deaths are very very few.
Thus so for almost half a year Corona virus awareness raising messages have mainly be absent publicly only to resurface unannounced with all telecommunication companies inserting back the ringtone used before.
This re-emergence of public messages from the national commission at the Ministry of Health is raising eyebrows as whether Somaliland is on the edge of wave unseen before.
With little preventive measures in the county where facemasks are only worn at large public functions, handwashing at public places inexistent not to mention the zero observation of distancing , the seemingly increasing arrival of foreigners a wave would be disastrous.
Worst of all is the imminent start of the electioneering season leading to the 31st May 2021 Parliamentary and local councils polls that will surely attract huge public gatherings.

As for a vaccine soon, no plans have been put forth by the Administration, not to mention that access to the World Health Organizations led globally roll-out through COVAX is uncertain.
Recently WHO having approved two versions of AstraZeneca/Oxford-developed Covid-19 vaccines announced that the COVAX rollout shall reach beneficiary countries in the coming weeks beginning mid February.
On the bright of the Covid-19 Vaccine Somaliland shall surely benefit from the UNICEF and DP World partnership that will see the port of Berbera became the vaccines’ Horn, East and Central Africa distribution hub.
But preventive measures can not be laid aside and as the Ministry of Health reintroduces public awareness it is hoped that the country shall become more conscious to what is happening especially in the West.