Somaliland: Courtesy of Municipality, Blessed Rain is a Menace in Hargeisa


Near the childrens hospital in Hargeisa at 5pm oct 4th 2013

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – In a semi-arid zone prone to regular and lengthily droughts thence constant entreatments to ALLAH for rain in every citizen’s daily prayers.

The benevolent once having heard pleas of the faithful sends showers of the precious water from above that are sprayed in all corners but ALAS in Hargeisa the capital city of the republic of Somaliland it is menace season for all including motorists, pedestrians, business and homesteads.

In Hargeisa the rainy season is a pain in the neck because of the immediate flooding of all roads thus bringing movement to a standstill both human and machine with the bold seeing their vehicles damaged in one way or another and people sometimes drowning or breaking legs as they try to hop step and jump from one tiny dry spot to the next.

Hargeisa Motorist impeded by flooded roads opposite Abaadir Mafrash

The city municipality which is not only the richest but most equipped in the country exacerbates the hazards encounter by residents due to the haphazard collection of garbage that sees over 50% disposed in drainages that results in blocking the flowing rain water thence diverting to roads.

While garbage is a contributory factor to the rainy hazards in Hargeisa city others include unplanned construction and none existent drainage system, though hurting the truth is, the less than 2kms of drainage are inheritances from the Distasteful Siad Barre regime.

Abaadiri customers evaporate on a glimpse or whiff or rain

According to the proprietor of Abaadir Marfrash opposite the Sheikh Aden Pediatric hospital the rainy season blessed in all other ways is of constant worry since it brings his business to a standstill as customers enjoying the stimulant herbal Mirqan evaporate as soon as rain is suspected not to mention that motorists and pedestrians who always stop at the Abaadir Marfrash for soft drinks and other commodities but never do so once the floods take over.

Without forgetting that a number of deaths are usually recorded during the rainy season it is worth mentioning that it is also harvest time for operators of medical facilities as a result of the many cases of waterborne diseases.

Boys will always be boys Posing wigth grabage opposite Children hospital in Hargeisa

Will the city municipality wake up from Slumber and strategize properly with priority given to the most basic issues that are hazardous to residents. It beats all for the municipality to keep on harping about construction of a new stretch of road connecting here and there within the city while the same roads opened with pomp end up a menace to the intended beneficiaries.

This is to say that while roads are a necessary component of development, roads devoid of water drainages and pedestrian walks are a Hazard.