Somaliland: Courtesy doesn’t Cost Money


SL sovereignty is the most debated subject in Somali websitesBy: Yusuf Dirir Ali

Somalilandsun – Decades ago I used to live in a country, where more than anything else, people used to enjoy trading good humour and stimulating face to face debates. The natives of that country had one unwritten strict code for debates or even heated arguments about no matter what – that precept was turning your back in protest to whoever offends you and walking away from him not saying a word back to him. For instance, in the course of a discussion, if someone calls you the N word, you just walk away not responding to him.

In view of the fact, that the editors of the Somaliland website neither have the time nor pay sober attention to filter out the contents of the poorly written articles and insulting commentaries, will it not be better applying a score system at the bottom of each article besides the current ratings for the commentaries? If that is achieved, people will not take the trouble of wasting their time reading articles that are perceived as disappointing and distasteful. In that case, we will have the opportunity of thumbing down articles we consider to be appalling. Adhering to that rating system, readers will safe time and will not bother reading or commenting to what they perceive as offensive, unfair and a misrepresentation of the facts – this will have the same significance as walking away from somebody in protest. As a result, the distorted media image of all Somalis will be enhanced.

This same rule should apply to the bad commentators, who are usually uneducated or badly educated. More often than not, these people write odious and ludicrous one or two-line commentaries, others write lengthy articles and deceitfully insult a whole nation, clan and/or reverential persons. Such authors are people who are emotional and do not possess the mental capacity of putting a considerate and meaningful argument forward. They get powerlessly frustrated and resort to nonsensical and foul language instead of logic and good manners.

I have observed that the Sovereignty of Somaliland is the most debated subject in the Somali websites and at the same time, this subject creates the most absurd, ridicules and heated emotional discussion that one can think of, this debate tears apart people into diehard pros and diehard cons of Somaliland independence. I think I have one solution for this precarious and never ending debate, how about if the pro-Somaliland independence advocates state and limit their comments politely and clearly only on why Somaliland shouldn’t go back to the Somaliland-Somalia union? Equally, the anti-Somaliland folks must state why Somaliland should go back to the union with Somalia and they must state the endowments that Somaliland-Somalia unity will bring to Somaliland. Both parties must be civil and reasonable enough to convince their opponents. The single language, race and religion argument must not be used, because it was beaten to death and is not convincing to the pro Somaliland camp. Let us discuss this too important subject very seriously and give it the merit it deserves instead of trading cheap insults. Keep in mind; courtesy doesn’t cost money. Please do not comment if you have the tendency of being offensive to other readers.

Yusuf Dirir Ali