Somaliland: Court Order Psychological Evaluation for SMS Lady


Ms Nadra M Jama: SMS lady for evaluationBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – It is doubtful if the SMS lady will stand trial anytime soon.

The Hargeisa regional court has ordered doctors to evaluate the mental status of Ms Nadra Mohamed thus ascertain her fitness to defend herself against charges of character assassination.

Ms Nadra Mohamed Jama dubbed SMS lady is accused of sending abusive SMS messages to the presidency minister Hirsi Haji Ali who is the complainant in the case.

The decision for psychological evaluation of the SMS lady came after consultations between her defence lawyer and the presiding magistrate concurred on the need to establish the aptness of the accused mental faculties.

The SMS lady who has now been in custody for more than 20 days is accused of sending abusive SMS messages to the complaint who is a senior minister in the government of president Silanyo.

Though the arrest of the young lady raised a hue and cry from various quarters that alleged misuse of power by the minister, subsequent evidence indicate the existence of a number of very abusive and threatening messages she to the minister.

The Horn Africa Human Rights Watch which was the main campaigner for the release of the SMS Lady has so far withdrawn its support for her release though the body shall continue to ensure that she gets a fair.

“We have ascertained the magnitude of the offence committed by SMS lady Nadra thus the retraction of our support and campaign for her release” said Mr Bulale of Horn Africa Human Rights Watch