Somaliland: Court Officials Fired


By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – 9 senior magistrates and appeal court judges have been fired with immediate effect.

A statement released by the national judicial committee informed of the removal from their duties the nine mainly from most of the country’s regions.
Those fired are
1. Magistrate Mowlid Mohamed Abdilahi – Maroodi-Jeeh regional court Hargeisa
2. Magistrate Osman Ibrahim Dahir ‘Farah’ – Maroodi-Jeeh regional court Hargeisa
3. Magistrate Jamal Hussein Ahmed – Maroodi-Jeeh regional court Hargeisa
4. Magistrate Shakir Mohamed Dubad – Maroodi-Jeeh regional court Hargeisa
5. Magistrate Abdirahman Mohamed Handule – Sahil regional court Berbera
6. Magistrate Mohamed Duale Aden – Sanaag regional court Erigavo
7. Magistrate Omar Sheikh Mohamed – Sool Regional Court Las Anod
8. Magistrate Mahad Obsiye Saeed Sool Regional Court Las Anod and
9. Judge Sheikh Ahmed Salah Farah – Awdal regional Court of Appeal, Borame
The statement revealing the sackings of the court officers released by the national judiciary commission did not give reasons behind the decision by the constitutional body with judiciary oversight.