Somaliland: Court Clerks Parodical Facebook Acc Leads to Felony Charges


Clerks accused of establishing fake Somaliland appeal court Facebook page

By: Mahmoud Qodah
HARGIESA (Somalilandsun) – Creating a parody social media account could mean prison for at least 8 clerks from Marodijeh region’s appeal court who were accused of creating a fake Facebook account that looked identical to the official and the real account of their appeal court’s Chairman Ali Sudi Deriye.
According to Hargeisa regional court Chairman Ahmed Dalmar Ismail, Police have arrested those appeal court clerks, after they allegedly involved in making a parody account of their Court’s head Judge Facebook account and posted “derogatory” and “inflammatory” information which the judge said to have lead bafflement and confusion.
“The public should disregard any information posted on the fake Facebook account,” Hargeisa regional court Chairman confirmed this in a warning press release. He added, “Creating this fake Facebook account is intended to create confusion and bafflement inside the country’s judiciary department.”
Such case is unusual and perhaps first of its kind, as those court clerks are expected to possibly face a felony charge of disrupting public services, as they are alleged to have crossed the line because of their satirical account.
Such case is unusual and perhaps first of its kind in Somaliland and its judiciaryThe press statement has not been told when the suspects of those parody account creators will make their first court appearance, instead the Judge told in his press statement that the investigation of the case is under way, and the suspects will be brought to justice as soon as inquiry is accomplished.
Court clerks are the officers of the court whose responsibilities include ensuring the efficient operation of state courts by maintaining dockets and records, handling administrative matters and serving as good will ambassadors to the public.