Somaliland: Country to have Administration Procedure Act


By: Mohamoud H. Qodah

Attorney General Mr. Idle

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Somaliland government’s Attorney General Office initiated proposal draft on government Procedure Act which is being expected to contribute viable solution to the power and mandate disputes among the officials and institutions of government of Somaliland

in the last 22 years.

Two days meeting was discussed the separation of power and functions of government agencies and the roles and responsibilities of director generals and ministers as well as chairpersons and executive personals of governmental institutions including independent organs.

Government’s Attorney General Mr. Ibrahim Idle Suleiman, in his closing remarks, pointed out the importance of this conference and the expected outcome which he said to be very essential contributions got from the participants.

Mr. Idle added that the aim of the conference was participation of government officials to add their magnificent and important contribution to the proposal draft.

“This draft was initially proposed by Attorney General Office and its legal and administrative consultants. Currently we got the expected involvement and the understandings of high profile officials from government agencies which will make the draft a complete and competitive one before it took the legal protocol procedure.

“We are hopeful that this act will have great importance for the nation. I have a gratitude for the participants for the reason that that you will become the founders of this act. My office got administrative, legal and political related advices from you which will be very indispensable to the finalizing of proposal draft techinically.

“Establishing such act is showing how President Silanyo led government committed the initiation of government procedure Act and its future applicability.

“I have also appreciation for the ministry of Presidency which we got financial contribution to establish this act and also had a guidance and facilitation role.”

Mohamoud Ahmed Bare (Garaad), Minister of Labour and Social Affairs last week declared that his ministry has no clear mandate and that he sometimes intervene the roles and powers of other ministers.