Somaliland: Country not be Taken for Granted


Somaliland sun – Somaliland should not be taken for granted and that we will not tolerate any sign of instability, chaos, or mayhem and that anybody who is against Somaliland’s process of developing peace and stability is a considered public enemy number one.

The former rebels Somali national movement in Somaliland risked their life and sacrificed themselves to fight for our country against the dictator siad barre and his military goons who attacked major cities in Somaliland with their soviet donated war planes that attacked those cities and killed many people in the process. Somaliland has gone a long a way where it is today and where it was 25-30 years ago, and that anybody in Somaliland who says that they want to destroy our country is considered a traitor and the enemy of the state, and that person will be dealt in a harsh way. Somaliland will not tolerate any youth in the country trying to cause trouble to our young nation and Somaliland will not tolerate any disgruntled politicians trying to cause instability in our country.

Somaliland will not tolerate citizens by taking the law into our hands, if the government sells the property of the people Somaliland and that there are ways to deal with and legal way not illegal way and those thugs who fired those shots in our highways last week, had nothing to do with Somaliland.

The attempted murder and assault on the journalist last week in the eastern part of Somaliland, those assilants who attacked the journalist doing his job were not somalilanders and had nothing to do with Somaliland, and that they are to do copy cat crimes in Mogadishu where journalist are target practice that the government of Somalia allows the killing to happen to their own people. We should not be as dysfunctional as Somalia. This is Somaliland a nation of peace, stability and developments and anybody against that they can’t get the F Out of Somaliland.

By: Warfa Warfa

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