Somaliland: Country Engulfed by Witchcraft and Sorcerers


Somaliland Engulfed by Witchcraft and Sorcerers

Somalilandsun- In the recent past several incidents of sorcery have been recorded in various parts of Somaliland.
What has caused the wit craft to increase? The government does not have any information yet .What made our country so vulnerable to this attacks, it’s our lack of registration for citizens coming in and out and poor cooperation with the proper authorities
“My daughter left home after Dhur prayer to some else house, before she was approached by a witchcraft asking her about the location of a person. Then she followed him. At the Magrib time, her body was found in the street fainted”, this is according to Mama Deeqa from Burco. She had three marks on her arm due to the injections they injected her.
Wit craft is highly increasing and our girls are getting kidnapped and performed on them unauthorized surgery to take their livers and kidneys. This can happen to anyone from you, me, to your sister. Why can’t we take action as a society to stop this?
Necessary steps to take
For the Minister of Interior and Religious committee to cooperate to find out the places the sorcery are practiced and bring them to justice.
For the people to report to the police on any suspicious action they find in their neighborhood.
More media focus on this situation in order for the officials to speak transparently on this topic.
Government to come up with an emergency plan to stop Children’s abduction.

Written by: Yasmeen Hassan
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