Somaliland: Corrupt Custom Officials Accorded Free Government Hospitality


By: Guled Abdi Maher

BERBERA (Somalilandsun) – The Sahil regional court has given
long jail sentences to some corrupt custom officials based at the Berbera port.

The regional judge who was listening to corruption Mr.
Ibrahim Adan Hassan sentenced Mr. Abdi Jama Ali to six years imprisonment plus
a fine of 20800 dollars. He also released from custody the Sahil regional
custom officer Mr. Abdikareem Mohamed Gulled and 10 business man who were
accused for giving out bribes to the custom officials so that they do not pay
the required tax to the government.

The corruption case which was opened by the auditor general
office accused to suspect for embezzlement of tax payers money, one of the
suspect is Mr. Abdurrahman Dahir Hadi and the other is a sick government
officials have been in prison custody for 4 months without being arraigned in
court. The relatives of the ailing suspect have asked the government to release
him on humanitarian ground. Meanwhile the Sahil regional custom officer
commended the judge who released him from his incarceration of 4 months. He
said that his going to file a case against the auditor general for his wrong
full imprisonment and the 10 traders