Somaliland: Corpse of Unidentified Berbera Man Exposes the Inefficiency of Local Authorities


The Berbera corpse left to bloat in the open

By: Yusuf M Hasan
BERBERA (Somalilandsun) – The Berbera local council and Sahil regional authorities were caught flat footed after a male corpse was discovered in the port city.
After staff of the Berbera international airport discovered the cadaver at around 9.30 am with subsequent reports to relevant authorities’ police took hours to act.
This anomaly in police action saw the dead man yet to be identified have his corpse bloat due to the lengthily duration of exposure to the sizzling heat prevalent in Berbera which is home to the second Somaliland international airport and main seaport.
According to a berberanews report the stiff of the man thought, in lieu of forensic examination, to have died the night before was sprawled adjacent to the Aljabiri livestock quarantine compound.
Local residents who were deterred from taking action due to the non-identification of the deceased are still aghast at the lackluster response of both Berbera local and Sail regional governments who are yet to clear the air as per the next cause of action.
If this is the trend being pursued by those delegated with local and regional governments administration then the authorities in Hargeisa must hasten the issuance of national ID cards to all Somaliland citizens sooner rather than later.