Somaliland: Cop Fired for Slapping a Lady in Public

General Mohamed Adan Sagadhi ‘Dabogale’ Somaliland police commander and inset rogue cop slaps a lady

Somalilandsun: The Somaliland Police Force has summarily dismissed an officer for misconduct.

A Police  statement informed that Inspector Mahad Abdi has been fired from the force after he was caught on camera slapping a female citizen in the capital Hargeisa.

Adding that the force is there to serve the public thence should uphold related standards the police top honchos said such misconduct can not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Contrary to the past when the Somaliland police force used to treat citizens inhumanly, things have changed completely since current ommander of the service General Mohamed Adan Sagadhi ‘Dabogale’ assumed command.

Coming from the army where he was reckoned as stickler to rules Gen Dabogale has in a short span instilled strict displinary measures.

For instance police officers are no longer allowed to chew khat in public as opposed to the past when officially adorned officers some bearing weapons were a common sight chewing everywhere and forcing citizens to pay for the luxury.

Apart from the impostion of strict displine Gen Dabogale is revamping the force in relation to skills trainings.

Hopefully the dishonorable dismissal if Inspector Mahad Abdi shall go along way in deterring the few remaining rogue officers within the Somaliland Police Force.

All in all thanks for the quick action that has instilled citizens confidence in the police.

And bye bye former police inspector Mahad Abdi.

Somaliland police statement on rogue cop dismissal