Somaliland: Convicted Female Murderer and Son Executed


Late Ruqiya and the shallow hole she was buried in by her now executed murderers

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Events that shocked the country following the discovery of a dead woman buried in a shallow hole inside a house in Hargeisa have concluded.

This follows the execution of Ms Muna Mohamed Abdilahi 37 years old daughter of Fatuma Ali and her son Mohamed Ahmed Abdi 21 years old by firing squad at an open ground within Mandera maximum prison in Sahil region.

Revealing the executions of the two family members found guilty of brutally murdering late Ruqiya Saeed Ayanle and burying her inside their house in the east of Hargeisa town, the Minister of Justice Ahmed Farah said:

“At 7.30 am on the 17th Jan 2016 the state executed by firing squad three convicted murderers at the Mandera prison”

A third person Abdule Hasan was part of the executions that brings to an end the saga leading to the death of late Ruqiya who was murdered by the now executed Muna with four of her children as accomplices.

According to the justice minister who also verified that Somaliland authorities executed four ex-security officials earlier in the week justified the deaths as per the dictates of law.

“Authorities carried out the seven executions following death sentences imposed by both the high court and armed forces court martial and subsequent implementation order signed by the Somaliland president”

While the execution of now late Muna is the first to be effected on a woman its is third in series that have seen condemnations by international community.

Following the executions of four ex-security officers condemned to die having been found guilty of murder the European Union stated:

Quote- the Heads of Missions of the European Union and Member States strongly and unequivocally oppose the death penalty in any circumstances. It is a serious violation of human rights and human dignity and cannot be used as an instrument for justice.

In this context, we are deeply concerned by reports of at least 4 executions in Somaliland on 11 January and by the authorities renewed use of the death penalty. Unquote

For Muna and her children the bizarre circumstances leading to the death of her business partner brutally butchered and haphazardly buried inside the culprits house saw Hargeisa regional court Chief magistrate Feisal Mohamed Abdilahi ‘Feisal Dhako-dhako having been satisfied by the evidence presented by the prosecution sentence to death

1. Ms Muna Mohamed Abdilahi 37 year’s old daughter of Fatuma Ali

2. Mohamed Ahmed Abdi 21 years old son of Muna Mohamed Abdilahi (1st Accused)

3. Zachariah Mohamed Abdi 20 years old son of Muna Mohamed Abdilahi (1st Accused) and

4. Farah Ahmed Abdi 19 years old son of Muna Mohamed Abdilahi (1st Accused) while

a fifth perpetrator Hana Abdisalan Ismail 17 years old daughter of the 1st Accused and sibling of accused #2,3 and 4 was sentenced to serve 10 years imprisonment in conformity with the laws of the Republic of Somaliland which stipulate that a minor cannot be sentenced to death

The court released Haji Mohamed Hirsi after finding him not guilty of the charge of having been responsible of enticing the late Ruqiya to her death.

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