Somaliland: Consultancy for Health Workforce Survey


Job from Tropical Health and Education Trust


Somalilandsun – THET is a specialist global health organisation that educates, trains and supports health workers through global health partnerships, strengthening health systems and enabling people in low and middle income countries to access essential healthcare.

In 2000, the THET programme in Somaliland began working with health institutions already working in country to improve the provision of health services in Somaliland. THET works in partnership with institutions in Somaliland and the UK to draw from the invaluable experience of partners working within both health care systems. THET Somaliland takes an integrated approach to Human Resources for Health and works at three levels:

• Individual health workers

• Civil society institutions

• Government

THET seeks to strengthen partner institutions with improved skills and resources, to better enable them to carry out their mandate within the Somaliland health sector. This is achieved by increasing the critical mass of urgently needed HRH through scaling up competencies of the existing health workforce and strengthening leadership and governance structures for improved management in support of building a functional and responsive health system that delivers quality health services to the people of Somaliland. Working directly with the Ministry of Health and other institutions involved in regulation and patient safety and HRH development in Somaliland; THET has supported the strengthening of governance and HRH by providing expert support to develop technical tools, policies, regulations, curriculum development standardisation and Continuous Professional Development (PD).

The Somaliland Health Sector Strategic Plan identifies Human resources for Health as a second priority for the 5 years plan with an aim to build an adequate, better skilled, well-managed and motivated workforce to provide the EPHS and skilled workforce is essential for the improvement of health services provision . The MOH is therefore committed to focus on the second priority consisting on establishing a trained, competent and motivated workforce to provide critical health services that respond to the population’s needs. Somaliland MoH needs to refine its human resource policy and plans based on updated and accurate data, and agreed up on a viable human resources for health training framework and introduce a sustainable reward system that motivates and retains the workforce, particularly in rural and nomadic areas. Unless this is done, it will not be possible to expand access to quality public health services. In addition, the MOH is committed to undertake a functional analysis and re-organization and introduce modern HR management techniques to improve the performance of its staff at all levels.

How to apply:

Interested individuals/ institutions/ companies or firm should submit a Cover letter, CVs of involved staffs/consultants, detailed work schedule (60 working days or less) technical and financial proposal (in USD $) to not later than November 12 2013, 2:00Pm EAT. Include mention: SL Health workforce survey in submitted application documents

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