Somaliland: Construction Site Supervision Skills Imparted on Stakeholders


SOHASCO and Caritas Concludes Site Supervision Training for 20 Members

By: SDNsupervisor

Somalilandsun – Somaliland Health and Social Care Organization (SOHASCO) and Caritas, an International NGO have concluded Site Supervision Training for 20 members from the districts of Maroni Jeeh region and awarded certificate of completion in a closing ceremony held at Mansoor Hotel in Hargeisa.

Participants of the training included Foremen for constructing sites, water management committees, and members representing government agencies were given lessons regarding supervising site buildings and how to effectively oversee the constructions made.

“I am here going to show my appreciation to European Commission (EC), government of Luxemburg who funded this project as well as the implementing agency of Caritas. The aim of this project is how we can have buildings with high degree of quality,” Said the Executive Secretary of Somaliland Humanitarian and Social Care Organization (SOHASCO) Mr. Abdirizaq Hussein Jama.

Mr. Jama also thanked the trainees who have completed this important instruction regarding the supervision of site buildings for their commitment and tolerance.

“I wish that they will make use of this important training and will learn lessons from previously made mistakes,” Added Mr. Jama.

SOHASCO Executive Director has also stressed in depth the objectives and the advantages of Site Supervising Trainings will have Somaliland people and how it is needed to take in to account lessons given by the instructors.

Mutiah Josiah from Caritas spoke at the ceremony and praised SOHASCO for their efforts in successfully accomplishing and implementing this project in which he said will have great importance for the overall project.

Caritas head of this project Mr. Patrick Wahome in his closing words urged participants to correct mistake which were previously made where he also enlightened the aim of this training and the efforts made in order to successfully accomplish this project