Somaliland: Construction of Wajale Road to Ease Vehicle Maintenances


By: Osman, A.M

Somalilandsun – Drivers of heavy commercial and long dispense vehicle ferrying comment from Ethiopian to Somaliland’s capital Hargeisa have complained about the poor quality road construction and slow pace of work at hand.

Though most drivers were congratulating the government in us infrastructural development efforts they were however dissatisfied on the pace of construction going on. They were angered about the amendment and alterations made on the national roads authority act whose mandate and roles were taken under the ministry of the presidency. The nation road authority was initially a parasternal with independence but now a department under the presidency minister Hirsi.

The drivers felt that competitive construction bidding completely lacking as more road and bridges construction going on in the country being given to a company associated with minister Hirsi. This they said affected the quality of construction as the cabinet minister also performs the role of civil engineer.

The drivers aged the government to reciting the situation as infrastructure development stimulates economic growth and faster movement of goods to where they are needed in the country.