Somaliland: Construction of 31 Government Funded Schools Launched

Somaliland: Construction of 31 Government Funded Schools Launched

Somalilandsun: Education is the most powerful weapon  utilized to change Livelihoods globally.

With this understanding  the government of Somaliland has continually initiated diverse strategies towards ensuring that all school age children are availed learning opportunities in both rural and urban areas.

With support from a myriad of international and local partners free primary school education has made possible as well as establishment of educational facilities of all levels nationwide.

Acquiesced that Quality education is the key to nurturing talent, which is crucial for the development of  society, the administration of president Musa Bihi has set aside funds from the central coffers towards this objective.

This funds have been put at the disposal of the ministry of education and Science whose mandate is ” to promote within Somaliland, the acquisition and application of relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to fulfil its potential for development in a continuously changing world:”

With the objective if fulfilling this mandate while utilizing funds availed by the central coffers the minister of Education and Science Ahmed Mohamed Diriye has launched a project for construction of 31 schools nationwide.

This was revealed via a tweet @AhmedAbokor the twitter handle of the ministry’s director general Ahmed Abokor which read

” we have officially launched  construction of 31 schools funded by the Government of Somaliland.

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Somaliland: Construction of 31 Government Funded Schools Launched