Somaliland: Congratulations to Beloved Citizens


Long queues of voters in Somaliland municipal elections Nov. 28 2012

UK (Somalilandsun) – The local council election on November 28th 2012 was a great win for all peace & development loving Somaliland citizens. As a citizen of the Somaliland Republic, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate my beloved fellow Somalilanders for their endeavour and determination in fulfilling peacefully their constitutional rights.

My beloved fellow citizens, I unreservedly acknowledge and appreciate immensely the noble tasks that you are undertaking on daily basis and your dutiful devotion and dedication to secure and serve our country and nation.

The local council election in Somaliland Republic was an ultimate manifestation and an irrefutable testimony of the character, nature and quality, nation spirit and perseverance, resilience and re-emergence of hope and ability to take moral responsibility of the people of Somaliland Republic; this in contrast with their brotherly populations in the neighbouring countries in the region.

The people of Somaliland Republic have shown to the outside world their value, belief and exceptional quality with respect to dealing and embrace of universal democratic norms and values. The way in which Somaliland voters behaved during local council elections, how they exercised their constitutional rights and how they respected the rule of was a well-expressed, admirable and powerful message to the world. All in all, the way in which the Somaliland people have fulfilled their civic duties was a wonder worthy phenomenon in the entire African continent.

2. An indigenous and home-grown democracy

In spite of all atrocities and all the brutal acts that the population of Somaliland has suffered at the hands of the former regime of Somalia, they succeeded to provide themselves a peaceful and congenial environment in which the country’s inhabitants can again resume a normal life and live side by side peacefully and harmoniously.

The people of Somaliland Republic have been successfully occupied in rebuilding their destroyed country, consolidating its democracy process through free and fair elections for the fifth time, from the local government councils, the national parliament as well as for the presidency in keeping with the requirement of Somaliland’s constitution and rule of law as well as the internationally accepted democratic standards. Somaliland’s case is unique one; it is the region’s youngest and good functioning democracy. Somaliland Republic has beyond every doubt demonstrated throughout its credentials, democratic achievements and sustained stability a belief in a constructive engagement in international issues for peace and security development.

I am very proud to say that Somaliland’s democracy model is a promising and an encouraging sign for all African states, which can lead that Africa makes overtures to the right direction. Where once a reasonably democratic election in Africa might have been hailed as a curiosity destined to end up in conflict or coups; Somaliland Republic has incontestably proved that such pessimism seems misplaced because Somaliland’s democracy project is a home grown phenomenon. It is unprecedented civic initiatives and a new indigenous breed of democracy. Somaliland’s democracy is something growing from native grassroots rather than being imposed from outside or being realised by the gun. Somaliland Republic has once again proven that it’s the Africa’s Best Kept Secret.

3. The Western’s double standard policy:

The Western countries are continuously ignoring the good man and at the same time dealing with the bad one, which is an unprecedented moral dilemma! The leaders of the free world, the so-called custodians and bearers of the global democratic values have many questions to answer. Somaliland’s democratic achievement presents a genuine moral challenge in relation to the values and norms the Western world stands for.

However, the Somaliland’s case is a quite clear example of the ambivalent morality of the Western Super powers and how they always pursued double standard policy: saying one thing but doing something completely different. Democracy, good governance, free market and respect for human rights are fully embraced by the West as long as this serves for their political and economic interests. If this is not the case, democracy and other international standards suddenly become considered to be hazardous and the West looks to the other end.

Somaliland should have long been recognised as a member of international community, at least it had deserved to be regarded as de facto independent nation. Somaliland has already met all the criteria and requirements that were necessary to qualify as a separate country. Unfortunately, the Western countries have systematically neglected and ignored the rights for self-determination of Somaliland people.

By |Architectural-Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh|Hussein Deyr |UK|