Somaliland: Congratulations on Celebrating your National Day, Amb Shafiq Ahmed Qureshi 

Congratulations on Celebrating the National Day of the Republic of Somaliland. One of the peaceful, beautiful and progressing country in the horn of Africa . May Allah Bless the country and its nation with all the set goals for future prosperity. Longlive Somaliland. All the Best wishes
Shafiq Ahmed Qureshi
Islamabad, PAKISTAN
Director, Al-Rahbar Trust International  Pakistan  (
 Amb. The Diplomatic Council, The Netherlands.
Shafiq Ahmed Qureshi

Member The African Diplomatic Academy, Dakkar, Senegal

Member International Peace Bureau (IPB)
Council Representative of the World Peace Committee in Pakistan
Member United Nations Institute of Training and Research
Member Amnesty International, UK.  Pakistan.
 Member Greenpeace, UK
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