Somaliland: Conference for Participation of the Minority Groups in Main Stream Politics Held



By: Guleid Abdi Mahir

A local NGO ,voice of Somaliland minority women organization [VOSOMWO] which speaks on behalf of women from the oppressed community of Gaboye held a well attended meeting to highlight and sensitize the plight of their people who for so long have been left in the cold in terms of political representation in Somaliland political arena.

The workshop was held in Hargeisa Mansoor Hotel, and was attended by the heads of the three political parties, traditional leaders and other distinguished guests.According to our sources the meeting agenda concerns how to uplift the status of the community so that they are well represented in the political map of the Nation.


The chairlady of vosomwo Ms. Eid who spoke at the event said that this meeting is just one amongst many mettings held by her organization in the past decade. To re-educate and mobilize the Gaboye community on how they could take part in the political affairs of the Nation. Mrs Nimo went on to reveal that during the last general election the community did have one of their own in parliament, and as a matter of utmost urgency the community had to find other avenues to voice her concern and plight for their margilization.

The vosNimo Eid VOSOMWO Bossomwo chairlady stressed the importance of the importance of the Gaboye community to be given quotes of parliamentary seats so that they compete amongst themselves. For the first time in the history of the country the Gaboye community has been given chance by the president H.E Ahmed mohammed Mohamud (SILANYO) who appointed a committee to look into the plight of the community. Also speaking at the event was the chairlady of the local NGO ODHA who doubles as the secretary of finance of opposition political party (UCID) Mrs Fadumo Said distanced herself from the stigma haunting the Gaboye community who are muslims and citezens of Somaliland by birth.

She added that the community has been oppressed for so long because they have been out-numbered by other communities. The ruling party Kulmiye chairman Mr. Musa Bihi Abdi and the assistant minister for labour and social services Mrs Shukri Harir and other guests the occasioned the event.