Somaliland: Conclusion of Voter Registration Marks a New Milestone


Says opposition Wadani party leader Abdirahman Irro as he commends NEC for a job well done
Somaliland opposition Wadani party leader cum speaker of parliament Abdirahman Irro

Somalilandsun- In an address following the announcement of successfully voter registration by the Somaliland national election commission NEC the Wadani party leader cum speaker of parliament Abdirahman Irro said the success shall be a highlight in the country’s democratization process
Below is a press statement on the issue submitted by the party

Quote- Conclusion of Voters’ Registration Exercise Function Addressed by the Chairman of National Party (Wadani)

The chairman of opposition National Party (Wadani) Hon. Abdirahman Mohammed Abdillahi (Irro) took part in a conference to mark the end of Somaliland national voters’ registration exercise.

The Speech

Today is a remarkable day and it shall forever be engraved in the history of our country Somaliland, because in many occasions afore time we tried to hold voters registration exercise but unfortunately failed. We are now celebrating the conclusion of this exercise which was done without any incidence or hitch whatsoever. I thereby congratulate the people of Somaliland for this accomplishment, I also send my best regards to the Somaliland National Electoral Commission (SLNEC) which played a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth running of electoral process. I thank everybody who may have contributed or been part of this initiative such as monetary or technical assistance it’s noteworthy to acknowledge the donor community and the government of Somaliland who have been instrumental in this success story.”

“Pertaining the election and the voters’ registration I would like to conclude my speech with these words in the olden days a good mother who had many children died suddenly then one of her children commented after the burial our mother has been buried honorably another child who was listening to the comment added that is if only after a sacrifice has been offered. In this respect a good voter registration exercise has just ended what we need is that the elections should be conducted on time.”.

“I thank the international community for their ardent support for Somaliland electoral process even though the government has contributed a large chunk of the election fund the donor countries should also contribute their share of the electoral fund.”

“My friends from the ruling party Kulmiye I would like to remind one thing during your time in opposition you were in good terms with the international community, when you conquered the six provinces of Somaliland through the electoral process you were very happy so I urge you not to undermine the global community relations.”