Somaliland: Comprehensive Foreign Policy Document Released


Somaliland foreign policy doc

Somalilandsun- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland has announced the publication of a comprehensive foreign policy. Somaliland is an independent, democratic country which is committed to asserting its sovereignty, protecting its territorial integrity, and promoting the security and prosperity of its people. Somaliland’s foreign policy will serve these goals.

The foreign policy will help guide Somaliland’s approach to pursuing international recognition, political engagement, promoting regional security, attracting foreign direct investment and engaging the diaspora, amongst other matters.

The document was informed by discussions at the foreign policy dialogue in Hargeisa in November 2015 which solicited suggestions, policies and ideas from a wide range of stakeholders including Government Ministries, political parties, civil society and the public at large. The document is intended to be an inclusive, living document that will be regularly updated to take account of new ideas and initiatives.
President Silanyo, welcoming the publication of the foreign policy, noted that it outlines “the vision, values and objectives that will inform Somaliland’s approach to foreign policy in the coming years. Alongside our efforts to secure international recognition, it will also address the need to improve regional security, create jobs and economic opportunities, promote development and build harmonious relations with our neighbours and strategic partners.
Over the past 25 years Somaliland has emerged as a functioning democratic state, that enjoys peace and stability, . Nevertheless, it still faces challenges in asserting itself on the international stage. It is hoped that the new foreign policy will provide strategic direction to the Government and to the people of Somaliland on how to achieve their foreign policy objectives.
The policy can be downloaded from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website at the link below;
FOREIGN POLICY -Republic of Somaliland