Somaliland: Communities in Awdal Region still Missing National Legislature Cake Share-VP Sayli

Somaliland vice president Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail 'Sayli'

Somalilandsun: The Somaliland vice president Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail ‘Sayli’ has disclosed his future political ambitions as well as revealed on prevalent inequalities as relates to distribution on regional basis of seats at the nation nap assembly

This disclosures were made during an interview the VP gave to reporter Abdisalan Hereri of Universal TV in Hargeisa

On whether the Somaliland government has requested external support towards the right on Corona virus pandemic the VP said

“Even global powers like the USA are being supported and unlike them we are an unrecognized country of minimal economic might, and yes we have requested support from various friendly governments and institutions.

The VP added that the administration has included a detailed budget on its request for financial support that includes some amount geared towards propping up poor families  during this difficult times though the main expenditure goes to provision of Covid-19 kits including ventilators.

So far the government has spent over $200,000 in procuring some equipment from private companies contested through the national tender board revealed the VP

On the lengthily quest for equal seats distribution on a regional level fronted by his own Awdal region the VP said

“We are all aware that there is inequality in the distribution of seats at the national assembly, where the central clan has a two thirds share leaving only one third for the rest of the Somaliland clans.

We have been negotiating for this to end as can be remembered during my seven years as deputy to former president silanyo in which we worked tirelessly to ensure that the quest for equality didn’t turn violent.

To date the problem still exists and it is not only within my own Awdal region but in the eastern parts of the country as well. Adding that this was not an issue for prevalent government alone to handle VP Sayli said other avenues to establish a semblance of all Somaliland era sharing the national cake exist especially full parity in the civil service to begin with.

On the issue of a recent proclamation of rebel movement in Awdal region the VP said

This is true but you have to understand that it was made by a few people fronted by opposition politicians thence one that does not serve all Awdal communities who owe sole allegiance to Somaliland.

On the issue of his political future VP Sayli responded by stating that

“This is my second stint as vice president of Somalia having in the past administration of Silanyo for seven years.

According to the constitution I can not serve a third term in the same position thus only route left for me is to pursue the Somaliland presidency through Kulmuye a party that I was among founders and continue to owe allegiance to today’s.