Somaliland: Communications and Technology Ministry to Support Working From Home Non-Essential Service Civil Servants

Somaliland minister of communications and Technology Abdiweli Sheikh

Somalilandsun:  In pursuit of enhancing the prevention of Corona virus in country all non-essential services provision civil servants shall work from home for an initial period of three weeks

This order was issued by the national Covid-19 Prophylactic Committee as part of ongoing measures to guard against the pandemic which though affecting neighbouring countries is yet to be reported in Somaliland.

The Work From Home –WFH order exempts essential service providing civil servants from the ministry of health, ministry of information, and ministry of finance, Egal international airport, port of Berbera, Central bank, Local governments and workers at the Erigavo Burao road construction.

To ensure that these guidelines are observed and at the same time continuing with public services provision the ministry of Communications and technology has revealed plans to set up online channels that will allow the Work from Home civil servants continue with duties away from their work places.

Addressing an urgent senior staff meeting at his offices in Hargeisa the Communications and technology minister Abdiweli Sheikh Abdilahi Sufi said “Though efforts to prevent the COVID-19 virus is paramount, citizens must also be availed timely public services”

To this effect said minister Abdiweli Sheikh the civil servants ordered to work from home as part of social distancing for purpose of enhancing corona virus prevention measures in Somaliland, must also perform their normal share of duties but in a different setting.

Mandated with staying in touch with global technology norms the minister said that it was therefore imperative for his ministry to launch an online system that will allow work from home civil servants hold meetings as well as provide services.

While this is the first time that Somaliland has civil servants working from home the national COVID-19 Prophylactic committee says Somaliland is very vulnerable to the pandemic scourging developed countries thence stringent preventive measures.

Other measures established by the Somaliland national Corona virus prophylactic committee include Closure of educational institutions, ban of all social functions, ban of flights from virus affected countries, 14 days mandatory quarantine of incoming passengers, closure of all borders and scaling down religious activities among others.

The Somaliland National Coronavirus Propalyctic Committee issues prevention guidelines

Established by president Muse Bihi the Somaliland national Coronavirus Prophylactic Committee is composed of Minister of interior, Minister of information, Culture & national Guidance, Minister of Religious Affairs and Minister Education and Science and chaired by the minister of health