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Communicating effectively

Somaliland sun- Are you aware of how actively you spend hours communicating verbally—listening, speaking, then reading or writing? May be eleven hours or less than that, but it’s not the amount of time you spend. The question is:Are you communicating well?

Perhaps, the best way to start a communication process is through apt greetings, which like a prelude makes good sense. After that, let there be confidence, content and clarity.

As our verbal communication depicts our expressions, manners and tone, even our body language signals the gravity of our behavior. A relaxed posture leads to pleasant attitude and confidence. So, be comfortable, be confident!

There is an old story about three Englishmen riding on a bus. The bus stops. 

The first man says,I say there, is this Wembley? 

No,”says the second man.This is Thursday. 

So am I,”says the third,let’s have a drink.” 

MORAL OF THE STORY:All too often we hear only what we want to hear!

Sometimes when someone speaks, we listen a little in haste or impatiently interrupt in the middle. That’s too bad, absurd and against the etiquettes of speaking.

Imagine the world without communication. And then, it’s not just communication a critical skill, but by conversing effectively and efficiently, a message gets understood.

Otherwise, any half communication can turn affairs into chaos; any wrong communication can corrupt others’ perception; any ill-communication can provoke heated arguments and any diabolic communication can play unwanted dirty politics. In fact, with improper communication, we end up causing complexities and misunderstanding.

Ugh…bad communications is such a messy thing. With its imbalanced flow, everything gets misunderstood. Blame the tongue for its slippery and wrong utterance, blame your heart for impatience, and blame your mind for unwanted notions.

Remember, when it comes to building team spirit, besides trust and unique passion, open communication is a vital tool. Obviously, team members who contribute individually or departments that work in isolation, without interactive communication, are sheer losers.

Every culture has its own story and specific beauty. Perhaps, focusing on similarities of diverse cultures, there’s easy communication and mingling, which oft leads to ‘culture drift’.

Effective commsParticularly, professionals in sales and marketing got to be communication specialists. It matters how one tells a story in a typical pitch style for quick results or effectual marketing. In a corporate world, oftentimes you have to be a tactical communicator, explaining things in details where needed and conversing concisely where it’s critical.

Indeed, people, who are good at communication, with finest oratory skills, can allure an audience, and they can be charismatic. Above all, uttering the truth, with boldness and frankness, lets you to influence others.Simply put, right communication, without purposeful delay, on the right time leaves a good impression and impact.

Main Image source:‘Applied Human Relations: An Organizational Approach’ by Jack Halloran, Santa Barbara City College. ©1978 by Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, N.J., U.S.A.

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