Somaliland Commends UN for Maintaining Sanctions on a Somalia Since the SFG Lacks Capacity and Political Authority to Control Weapons


Somalilandsun- The Government of the Republic of Somaliland fully supports the United Nations Security Council’s decision to maintain thence extend the arms embargo imposed on Somalia.
This wa stated in a statement issued in Hargeisa by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international cooperation in reaction to the decision of UNSC of 14th November 2018  in which the UN body lifted similar sanctions against Eritrea while maintaining those on Somalia.
Read below verbatim excerpts titled Press Statement on Security Council Somalia Arms Embargo Extension

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  1. The United Nations rightly sensed and recognised that the outlaw thug outfit posing as a “government” in Mogadishu, Somalia, is neither a government nor a responsible group even compared to other crime syndicates like it. Therefore the UN extended the sanctions on these thugs in Mogadishu to hamper their extensive illicit activities.

    The Somalia race which live in the following 5 countries in the Horn of Africa welcomes the UN security councils decision with great joy.

    Republic of Somaliland (Hargeisa)
    Republic of Somalia (Mogadishu)
    Djibouti (Djibouti city)
    Somali State of Ethiopia (Jigjiga)
    NFD of Kenya (Gaarisa)

    Good job UN.