Somaliland:Comgratulations to Medeshivallley News on its 10th Anniversary


Medeshi is ten

Somalilandsun- The editorial board of Somalilandsun extends congratulations and wishes of good tidings to medeshivalley on the occasion of its tenth anniversary
Medeshi News which is celebrating its 10th year since inception in 2007, a decade in which I has been disseminating information about the Horn of Africa and Piracy , in addition it the online news portal has been actively involved in advocating for Somaliland and its recognition.
As the struggle goes on and the more the time passes the better it gets we remain hopeful that it’s tireless campaign for the recognition of Somaliland shall not be in vain. is operated by Mohamed Ali a British citizen of somalilamd descent based in Kingston town Centre London

Mohamed Ali a British citizen of somalilamd descent is the editor of Say happy inception day / anniversary to Medeshi News and share this post.