Somaliland: Come Out Strongly Against Distracters



Somalilandsun – It confounds us, beating all our senses of reason, to fathom that with all nation building chores waiting for us, we tend to focus our efforts on shadow boxing.

So called eminent personalities in the opposition have recently pepped up their efforts to drum up beats of distraction only to destruct.

Recalling our past two decades, the present hullabaloos only castes a long shadow over us making laughing stocks out of us.

Is it not dumbfounding when there are hundreds of patriotic helter-skeltery deeds awaiting us we dither awkwardly about our Presidential nation building tour?

If we pause for a moment, what do the stirrers of virility really want? Don’t their ever-changing faces, words and activities enough proof of what they have in stone? Why don’t we once and for all tell them off?

Not more than a fortnight ago, we highlighted in this column UCID boss alleging that Genel Energy were not out to tap energy but were indeed pilferers.

To be true to ourselves, the words were tailored to move people to crudely act upon the prospecting investors. 24 hrs later, they bolted from the work place. Not since have we heard a deserving rejoinder from mainstream public, the media; traditional, administrative, legislature, judicial, clerical or contemporary leaders.

A shame, of course it is, for many should have decried and slam the divisive and destructive rhetoric. Still, more of the same sectarian – clannish mentalities are fire-spitting ill-motivated and insinuations bordering threats unrelenting.

Truly, we have come along away our thorn-prone paths; however, most now wear boots!

Thus, hardened SL has made major steps forward that the people would swallow hooks cheaply.

We support the President on all legal steps for he there legally. Undermining his official essence is tantamount to undermining SL. Ways and means to air or impart political ideals just as there are other safety nets in place.

We want development at all costs for it’s the only way of emancipation. Cheap politics and cheep politicians have no place for us today.

Yes, we know Somalia is now where we were a decade and a half-ago.

Yes, we also know what Arab spring brought, with its latest flames of anguish burning in Syria today. The purported forum should look for better avenues of gaining power.

Our people and country know just how conflicts ignite, blazes and what ruins the remnants are jn the wave.

In the same breath we call upon public servants in top positions to be true in their deeds, be diligent, rise above petty issues and deliver as elected.

Nothing more or less (for that matter) is required of them other than promising good in-put/out-put returns.

They shouldn’t bring their offices to dis-repute, for it would hurt and dent what we stand for.

The Author M.A.Egge is editor of The Horn Tribune a weekly English newspaper published every Sunday by the state owned Dawan media Group in Hargeisa