Somaliland: Coast Guards Deny Assaulting Sayla Mayor


Admiral Aw Osman denies Coast guard officer assaulted the mayor of Sayla Councillor Eidle Barkadleh

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Media reports alleging to the shooting of Sayla mayor by a coast guard officer has been termed as a fabrication with malicious intent.
The denial was made by the Commander of the Somaliland Coast Guards Admiral Ahmed Aw Osman following queries by THT and Somalilandsun in his Hargeisa Command offices where he revealed his source of information as the purportedly victim of assault.
“After reading of the alleged attack I spoke on phone with the mayor who was not only surprised but categorically refuted the occurrence of any attack on his person by either a coast guard officer or anybody else” said Admiral Ahmed.
Some media outlets in Hargeisa had published information to the effect that the Mayor of Sayla Councillor Hussein Idle Barkad had narrowly escaped death after a gang led by a coast guard officer accosted him in the town where they fired several bullets at him on the eve of Friday.

While urging journalists to desist from publishing unverified thence false information for public consumption Admiral Ahmed Aw Osman said the Coast guard command is in consultations as per the proper cause of action as pertains to the false allegations against one of its officers.