Somaliland: Coast Guard Saves Yemeni Seafarers


By: Yusuf M HasanMayd based coast guards rescue Yemeni sailors

MAYD (Somalilandsun) – Five sailors from Yemen are recuperating at the Coast Guard base in the Erigavo coastal town of Mayd.

The coast guard has conducted a successful rescue mission that saw 5 Yemeni seamen cheat death after their ship capsized in Somaliland waters.

The was revealed by the National Coast Guard commander Brigadier Ahmed Aw Osman when briefing the Somaliland News Agency-Solna.

“Following a distress call from a fishing trawler, Mayd based coast guard units managed to rescue the five sailors on-board the now sunken ship” Said Brig Osman

The CoBrig Ahmed Aw Osmanmmander further informed that the sailor’s failure to expedite their distress signal is partially responsible for the complete loss of the fishing trawler and two motor boats.

Said he, “Though the sailors acted gallantly trying to save their ship, they wasted valuable hours that would have facilitated effective action by my highly trained officers.

The five Yemenis are reported to be in good health at the coast guard base in Mayd where they are awaiting transportation back to their country.

Brigadier Osman further informed that Salvage operations are neither in motion nor planned for since the fishing trawler was completely destroyed during its sinking ordeal.

Mayd which is the main base of the coast guard in sanaag region is well equipped and staffed thus the successful containment of pArresting piratesiracy emanating from the nearby Bosaso port that continues to be a safe haven for pirates and human traffickers.

The national coast guard which is solely funded by the central government in Hargeisa has so far effected the arrests of hundreds of pirates, who are serving lengthily prison terms in the country.