Somaliland: “Coast Guard in Full Control of Territorial Waters” –Admiral Ahmed


Somaliland coast guads in full control of territorial waters

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The coast Guard as denied the alleged smuggling of wildlife through its area of mandate.

According to the commander of the Somaliland Coast guards Admiral Ahmed Aw Osman his forces are in full control of the country’s territorial waters and to his knowledge not z single consignment of poached wildlife has been smuggled by use of sea based crafts.
Admiral AhmedThe admiral was reacting to recent media reports that purported to the increase in the number of poached wildlife mostly cheetahs through the waters of Somaliland.
Urging local media houses to observe etiquettes and ethics of journalism thence report only fact based information the admiral further denied alleged non control of territorial waters by his command.
Said he, “We are the only government that has managed to protect its waters from Somalia pirates as can be ascertained by the never reported single incident of a ship abducted in our waters”

In conclusion Admiral Ahmed Aw Osman also informed that the might of his command solely funded by the unrecognized government of Somaliland had managed to not only keep at bay the Somalia pirates but captured hundreds who are currently languishing in various prisons nationwide.

pirate convicts inside Hargeisa prison
Somaliland prisons are home to hundreds of Somalia pirates where they’re serving lengthily sentences following prosecution by local courts and other states mainly Seychelles.