Somaliland: Coast Guard Commander and Telecommunication Minister Sacked


president Silanyo in mini reshuffle

By: Omar Mohamed Farah
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun)- The government of Somaliland has changed the mechanism of command in the coast guard service and communication ministry.
This is according to a presidential statement released in Hagias in which president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo reliefed from duties the Somaliland coast guard commander admiral Mohamed Hussein Hirane and the post and Telecommunication minister Mohamed Jama Abgal with immediate effect from 29th april 2016.

According to the Somaliland presidency the two senior public officials were odored to hand over to the deputies with immediately as per the statement which did not named replacements.
The Somaliland head of state justified the removal of the two officers from duties due to ignorance of mandate given to them to serve the Somaliland public.
According to the presidential degree has expressed that the president has fired the Minister of post and Telecommunication Mohamed Jama Abgal. After he ignored an assigned tasks by the head of state.
President Silanyo odored the former minister of Telecommunication to hand over to his deputy minister Mr. Osman Garad Sofe, until are replacement is appointed and similarly the coast guard deputy takes over until are replacement is announced by the presidency.
The outgoing coast guard commander who has been in charge of the country’s successful anti-piracy campaign assumed the command on transfer from the Somaliland custodial corps.