Somaliland: Cleric Urges Government and Opposition to Hold Talks


Sh Aden Siiro

By: G.A. Mahir

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Sheikh Adan Mohamud Hirey speaking on a Friday surmon to a congregation of worshippers Quba mosque in Hargeisa asked both the government and opposition to consult on National matters to stop confrontation.

“take care of the peace and security of the country enjoys consult amongst your selves, request the government to listen to the resenting voices and the national consultation and rectification forum”

He advised the government to call their opponents and ask them why they lamenting this he said will go a long to stop any conflict that may arise. He warned that most of the population are armed and a small misunderstanding may spark anarchy.

The outspoken Sheikh condemned the government of Angada and the Angolan people for their devilish act of destroying mosques “we denounce their actions as Somaliland is an Islamic country of faith”

He told the Angolan people they will not succeed by destroying mosques, this will only create more problems in that small nation