Somaliland: CJ Targets Decentralization of Judicial Services


Somaliland Chief Justice Adan Haji Ali (L) pictured at parliament during his approval session

By M.A. Egge
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) :- No sooner had the new Chief Justice been installed than he has fathomed some of the major core factors that inhibit the smooth and swift management of justice in the judiciary.
The CJ Hon. Adan Haji Ali has revealed that decentralization of basic judicial services was direly needed hence imperative for the swift dispensing of justice.
He also revealed the fact the various branches of the courts of law that were opened at various centres (districts) across the city has been a gigantic step taken on the right direction.
The CJ gave the revelations and positive sentiments after making a tentative evaluation after an impromptu crisscross that took him to four local (basic) district level courts.
He observed that further decentralization was imperative to clear back-logs in the country’s justice management.
“The branches have impressively addressed a minimum of 100 cases per court with zero appeals”, he observed, but explained in elaborate terms that the cases were only at par with the jurisdiction cadre of the basic courts only.
The CJ took the tour barely within a week after he was overwhelmingly confirmed to the post by the constitutional joint session of both the chambers of the National Assemblies Parliament -thus the Upper Guurti and Lower House of the Representatives.
He candidly clarified the fact that for further ease of chores of management to be facilitated and put into gear, taking stoke of the situation in a tentative manner was proper and called for.
In other words the CJ effuses a hands-on-the job style, something of an ability that will definitely go down well with the populace.


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