Somaliland: Civil Societies Concerned by Escalating Politically Induced Tensions


Somaliland Civil Society Organizations Representatives at a meeting with President Silanyo (C): file

SONSAF Press Statement
Somalilandsun – On 16th November, 2014, the Somaliland Non-State Actors have held an extensive and analytical discussion about the current political situation in the country. The forum discussions acknowledged that the Somaliland non state actors have played an important role in peace-building initiatives, deepening democratic principles and the smooth implementation of rule of law. The Somaliland Civil Society/NSA noted its own concern and public worry related to the conflict in the House Representative which created a national political deadlock that may obstruct the overall process of the election cycle; including timely approval of the National Electoral Commission, facilitating voter registration legal framework and drawing final election roadmap. Hence, the civil society/NSA is calling on the Somaliland national political leaders and actors not to repeat the 2009 blunders that led to international community intervention in our political process -the famous six points agreement. Eventually, the civil society/NSA has come up with the following key recommendations:
• The Civil society/NSA is fully supporting the Somaliland House of Elders (Guurti) current efforts on mediation and consensus building; civil society/NSA is committed to provide the Guurti with technical assistance or any other support in order to conclude this limbo situation of the House of Representatives.

• Civil society/NSA is calling on the Somaliland House of Representatives to immediately approve the members of the National Electoral Commission (NEC), in order to pursue its mandatory election work since the planned election period is getting closer.

• Civil society/NSA is appealing to the members of the House of Representatives to resolve this recurrent conflict and tensions in accordance of their internal code of conduct and other relevant legal frameworks of the country.

• Civil society/NSA is urging the Government of Somaliland to open dialogue with opposition parties and facilitate to bring on broad all political actors in order to reach ultimate political harmony and conciliation. And CSOs are also demanding the release of the citizens arrested during the most recent tension of the House of Representatives.

• Similarly, the civil society/NSA is calling on the Somaliland security forces to respect the rights of freedom of expression during public marches and its regular security forces to adhere to the national laws whatever circumstance that appears.

• On the other hand, the political parties must work together on how to conduct and realize free, fair and transparent elections on the planned timeframe.

• Finally, the civil society/NSA is calling on the people of Somaliland to maintain and keep up their spirit and aspirations of nationalism, peace, stability; and they must unite against any action that can harm the national peace and stability. The rights of freedom of expression and assembly are fundamentally realized through peaceful and legitimate means.

Mustafe Sacad Dhinbil
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