Somaliland: Civic Leaders Hail Waran’ade for Lifting ban on Mayors Disposing Extra-ordinary Sessions


Interior minister Waranade seen here in the streets of Hargeisa announced the lifiting of sessions with intent to dispose mayors in Somaliland

By M.A. Egge
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Most civic councils across the country have happily welcomed the decision by the Interior Ministry to reinstate extraordinary services.
Councilors from Burao, Lasanod Gabiley, Borama and Aynabo expressed their happiness and congratulated the minister Hon. Ali Mohammed Waran’adde hence hailing him for allowing the councils to be able to have the sessions as they would please, once more.
The Minister himself closed the lid on the councils earlier in the year hence blocked them from holding such extra-ordinary meetings as per powers conferred upon him in managing political crises that may arise from civic mal-administrations.
Perhaps best put may have been as expressed to our sister paper Dawan’s reporter Khadar Muse by Borama town Cllr. Sh. Ibrahim Ahmed Liban.
The councilor said that personal interests affected the local leaders’ performances hence had negative impact on the general development of their areas.
He emphasized that “it was through such extraordinary sessions that we dealt with precise issues that egotism overrode”.
Continued the Sheikh, “Despite the fact that the order was initially in contrast to democracy hence contradicted civic by-laws, we hail the minister’s decision of lifting the ban and we welcome it hilariously”.
Similar sentiments were expressed by councilors Amin Omar Abdi and Iid Hassan Abdi of Gebiley, Abdiaziz Hussein Mohammed of Lasanod, Hassan Yusuf Aden of Ainabo and Abdirizzak Hussein Obsiye of Burao.
The Gebilean councilors were anxious that their motion of impeachment to their Mayor was long overdue.
So too does the Lasanod Councilor see it an opportune time to have a change of guard at their town hall having set back by the ban.
Whatever the case, when the order to stop such extra-ordinary sessions was slapped over civic councils, the majority who wanted to sack incumbent mayors were left begrudge.
The fact is that extra ordinary sessions should not be for the need of only impeachment purposes but for the good of other associated crises management public issues.