Somaliland: City Municipality Elects an Engineer as Mayor


Mayor Yusuf Warsame muses new responsibilitiesBy: Latifa Yusuf Masai

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The capital city has once again elected an engineer to lead the municipality.

Engineer Yusuf Warsame Saeed is the new Mayor of Hargeisa following an election that took place during the first sitting of the new council.

Eng Yusuf Warsame who garnered 15 votes of the 25 votes available during a session where four of the elected councilors from Haqsoor and six others from other parties were absent, replaces the long serving Jiir another engineer.

Mayor Yusuf Warsame from the ruling Kulmiye party will have as his deputy mayor Councilor Abdiaziz Mohamed Hashi ‘Ago-weyn’ (big feet) of the justice and welfare party UCID.

The election of Mayor Yusuf Warsame is proof that the wrangles related to disputed election results are over despite the absence of any resolution to the results wrangles as well as well as the failure to announce the three official parties by the parties’ registration and verification committee-PPR&VC

The mayor’s election in Hargeisa became the first official duty of the just re-appointed Maroodi-jeeh regional governor Mr. Ahmed Omar Abdilahi Hamarje who termed the exercise as legal since a quorum of council members was in place.

Meanwhile councilors at the Erigavo local council have once again re-elected as Mayor Councilor Ismail Haji Nuur after a repeat election that ensued after the presidency annulled his election four days ago.

His deputy remains Councilor Abbase who was also elected together with his boss four days ago in what the state termed as an illegal event since the newly elected 21 councilors had not been sworn-in officially.

Cllr Ismail H Nuur of the Wadani party returns to the mayors’ parlour which he has occupied since 2002 when he was elected councilor on a ticket of UDUB the then ruling party while this is the first time for his deputy Salah Yusuf to play second fiddle.

After their swearing-in the two civic leaders urged Somalilanders to forget about the just concluded local council elections whose results have created disputes and turn their attention to demands for the many election campaign pledges made.

Mayor Ismail Haji Nuur further asked those engaged in creating disharmony among residents of Erigavo town which is the administrative capital of Sanaag region to desist since activities perceived as detrimental to prevailing co-existence shall not only be tolerated but dealt with as per the dictates of the law.

“Elections are over and it is time to resume the paused nation building thus do away with any lingering campaign hang-over’s” said Mayor Ismail