Somaliland: City Mayor Vows to Conserve Water Catchment Area


Mayor Soltelco

By: Osman A.M
Hargeisa (Somaliland sun) The municipal Council of Hargeisa has unveiled plants aimed at protecting and conserving water towers that supply the essential commodity to the inhabitants of the city.

Senior Council officials under the leadership of mayor Abdurrahman Mohamed Aided Solteco visited the temporary river at the heart of the city that is now famous for dumping garbage during the dry reason
Mayor Solteco while inaugurating the conservation program warmed the city dwellers not to use the source of water as a dumping site before advising than to seek the servicer of waste disposal unit of the Comal
The municipality has deployed a number of waste disposal vehicle at different areas of the city ”let me be clear anyone found dumping waste along this river bed shall heavily be fined” warned mayor Solteco upon initiating the cleaning exercise on Monday that is expected to run for three consecutive days
The cleaning exercise was conducted from Awale jawan till Sayid’s farm along the river bed of Hargeisa Temporary River