Somaliland: JPLG Facilitated City Drift Bridge to Ease Traffic Congestion


L-R Ministry of public work cum ILO Eng Bashir Bridge contractor Eng Asha and City roads Engineer Abdikadar Abdilahi during an inspection tour

By M.A. Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) :-The ongoing projects of the UN Joint Programme on Local Governance (JPLG) which is implemented by concerned civic authorities has that of Hargeisa deeply involved on the construction of a vital ‘Irish’ drift bridge to connect the fledgling Ayaha estates to the city.

The Boqol-jirre bridge, which will go a long way to ease transport in an area which has hitherto been cumbersome and almost impossible to cross both during dry and wet periods, has works on its construction at an advanced stage

The project which commenced earlier this year is expected to end by mid year.

Because of the heavy sand and associated silt deposits along the river-bed, it has been had for normal commuting to be feasible in the area since come rain or sunshine, vehicles, save for the fore-wheeled powered, could not ply the route which happens to be the main one to the area.

AWCCO Contractors staff undertaking works at Bogol jire Bridge

But now, thanks to the JPLG efforts, faster developments will definitely be achieved since roads are a major catalyst to progress anywhere. This is even more pleasant and a blessed gift to the widespread Ayah estates’ residents whose numbers have more than trebled over the past six months alone.

With an exemplary coordination team led by the city Mayor Cllr. Abdirahman M Aideed alias Soltelco, the municipality has been able to stick to the JPLG programme with prioritized projects.

It is worth noting that the JPLG’s main objective is to facilitate by precisely strengthening local governance hence enhancing decentralized services.

Led by the President through hands on job by his Vice, the larger framework is legally outlined in the country’s constitution.

The Mayor has his numerous chores not only monitoring the JPLG projects but also supervising similar programs initiated by his council, the latest being the Massalaha road and that of Koodbuur district which connects the road to sunshine school from the junction at Kulmiye office premises.

He did inspection tours at both sites on Friday the 28th of March 2014.

Despite the fact that the Boqol Jire project started later than was first scheduled, it is expected that it would complete well within the stipulated periods of six months.

The contractor, ACCO is headed by Eng. Asha Ali Warsame.

The JPLG liaison officer for Hargeisa city engineer Abdikhadar Abdillahi Ali has been at the fore front of the programs.

He happens to be amongst the two Somalilander engineers who benefitted from specialized engineering training on international road construction and maintenance at the ATTI College in Songea, Tanzania.

The course was sponsored by Japanese International Corporation Agency (JICA) hence coordinated by ILO which happens to be one of the five partner agencies of the JPLG. The others are UNDP, HABITAT, UNICEF and UNDPCF.

Activities are financed by Denmark, DFID, EU, SIDA and Switzerland.

The government is herein a major implementing partner.

Seven districts are the selected exclusive areas working with JPLG currently – (Berbera, Borama, Burao, Gebiley, Hareisa, Odweine and Sheikh). Erigavo is conspicuously not included, probably because of the bad terrains that impede communication.

Previously the bridges and roads constructed under the auspices of JPLG partnership in Hargeisa region are the Adadley Irish crossing, the Jeelka-Daami tarmac road, the Ga’anlibah-Mohamud Heibe drift and now the Boqol Jire one is in progress.

In evidence, the Mohamud Heibe-Ga’anLibah drift has been seen as a god-send present to city residents and motorists. It has become one of the busiest roads in the capital, hence have immensely eased traffic congestion and burden off the main Hargeisa bridge road towards Total area.

Going by the city engineer, more projects are in the pipeline and or hopefully going to be milestones.

The fast spoken and fairly slim engineer is quick to point out that much of the efforts could not have been realized has it not been for the good coordinating efforts of the Presidency and also within the civic authority itself One of the main objectives of this project is to develop the administrations of different sectors of Somaliland such as Education, Health, and different districts nationwide.

JPLG Cordinator Eng Abdikadar Abdilahi at a works inspection

Eng Abdiqadar Abdilahi Ali who is optimistic of further fruits to be accrued by not only the Hargeisa Municipality but Somaliland at-large urged all stakeholders to follow the exemplary style in which the youthful City mayor has managed to familiarize thence proper administration of the JPLG within the very short period following assuming office.

It is noteworthy to point out that numerous partners including the community have been able to make great strides in road constructions countrywide, thanks to the ongoing national mobilization to the cause led by the President H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud and spearheaded by the Presidency Minister Hon. Hersi Ali Hassan.

Several efforts in such projects are going on in tandem hence supplement each other.

The Hargeisa Municipality, for instance, eked into its pockets and carpeted the stretch of its portion of the Berbera- Addis Ababa highway.

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