Somaliland: City Beautification Arrangements


By: Abdirahman Omar HusseinHargeisa City of Somaliland

Somalilandsun – The beautification arrangement of the Somaliland cities introduced by the Ministry of Interior is appreciated step but its implementation calls for excessive effort and dedication.

Previously, Somaliland local governments have quite a lot of times attempted to smarten up their cities but none of their efforts have generated any desirable outcome due robust challenges, lack of preplanned mechanism to break though the barriers and the deficiency of clear vision.

Most of their engagement was a matter of demonstrating themselves to their constituents that they are there and doing what they are supposed to do. The intervention of the central government onto the decoration of the cities is seen as bolding step as it possesses better resources to handle matter more effective than the local government.

In the course of my investigation or study to this matter I have discovered that the vending of Gat in the main streets of the cities constantly worsens the sanitation of the cities. Gat chewers’ use bulk of plastic bags that they carelessly throw away and park their cars in the middle of the roads even during the rush hour that creates traffic congestion and turmoil in the market. The solution of this matter is simply to tack the Gat venders into special Gat selling centers away from the main public roads. The other phenomenon that always triggers chaos or disorder to the attractiveness and the good hygiene of the cities is encroachment of landlords or tenants to the public highways either through erecting shacks in front of the original buildings or raising illegal fences to take pieces of land illegally

It is not easy to transform a city with litter-strewed streets, rubbish –ridden parks, ripped roads shopping centers in shacks into magnificent dream land. However, a lot of fine things can be accomplished if unwavering astute decision is embarked on. The matter of city beautification chiefly rests on three things. The mechanisms of implementing the laid down strategies should be effective and timing, Abdirahman Omar Husseina consistent policy should be there in order to stop the situation from replication -that is through supervision and counseling and finally a viable constitutional frame binding on all involved parties should be ready on the ground.

The author Mr Abdirahman Omar Hussein a holder of BA in Journalism is a Freelance writer & researcher based in Hargeisa –Somaliland