Somaliland: Citizens Free to Elect Leaders of Choice, says Irro


as the opposition Wadani party leader opens a new office in 150-street village of Hargeisa

Wadani party leader and speaker of Somaliland parliament Abdirahman Irro

Somalilandsun- The speaker of the House of Representatives who is also the leader of the main opposition party, Wadani, Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi (Cirro) said that no person is obliged to vote for a certain party and says any Somalilander is free to for Kulmiye, Wadani or UCID, Th Wadani Chairman and members from his party who opened a new office for his party in the 150 street village said “ I believe every citizen is free to vote for any party they choose to whether that is KULMIYE, WADANI or UCID, i have seen some officials from some of the political parties claim that certain clans or residential areas are obliged to vote for them, but every citizen should know that they can and are free to cast their vote for any party they wish to.”

The WADANI chairperson added “Thank you brothers for opening this new office to serve the party, i know you have been operating this office for a while now but i am honoured to be here today and officially open this new office, we have moved to the multi-party system as an alternative to the clan-based politics, WADANI has a program, at the core of this program is fighting tribalism and one of the ways we plan to do that is job creation for the youth.”

The party secretary, Mr.Mohamed Abdilahi Uurcade, MPs and Maroodi-jeeh region party officials who were accompanying him were received very warmly by the party’s supporters in the 150-street village.

Top Wadani officials including the party chairman and the party secretary have all stressed of the viability of their party that can lead the country out of the doldrums of tribalism and unemployment in to more a promising future of economic growth and job creation.

Source: The Republican